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Why We Spay and Neuter Guinea Pigs (aka: Why are our adoption fees may be higher than other guinea pig rescue groups?)

Most people want to know why its advantageous to spay/neuter a guinea pig when they are basically ok if left alone. Spay/neuter is surgery, right? And that is dangerous, right?

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Well... technically, all surgeries have some risks associated with them. However, if you have a great veterinarian who is familiar with anesthetizing guinea pigs along with spaying and neutering techniques, there are many wonderful health reasons for having these surgeries performed. We at Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue have several experienced veterinarians who have operated on our guinea pigs for many years now and know these procedures very well.

Below is a partial list of why we have these surgeries performed before our guinea pigs are adopted out.

If you were to seek out these surgeries on your own, you would likely be charged a minimum of $100 for a guinea pig neuter and $120 for a guinea pig spay (based on local Washington, DC metropolitan area veterinarian fees). When you adopt one of our guinea pigs, you are guaranteed that they are spayed/neutered and have already been checked by a veterinarian. Other area rescues do not make this guarantee, and its one that we find extremely important and essential.

If you would like to see the neutering protocol of one of our veterinarians, check out and look at Example Two.

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